Mindset vs Taking Action

same old thinking disappointing results

How do lifestyle changes happen? How does one change their behavior and actually stick with the change? What does mindset have to do with it? Which is more important, the right mindset or the right actions?

Making a lifestyle change is hard. We’re creatures of habit. It’s easy to repeat the same thoughts everyday. It’s much harder to challenge those thoughts. It’s easy to keep a daily routine. It’s much harder to incorporate new activities into that routine.

The first step to making a change is mustering the will power to do it. A shift in mindset can do that. Maybe someone is depressed and they come across a motivational video. This video reminds them of all the good in life. It helps them dream of a brighter future. The video creates a temporary shift in their mindset.

This temporary shift usually lasts for a few days. During that time they’ll feel a stronger sense of control. They’ll have more willpower to change their behavior. Maybe they decide to spend more time in nature. Maybe they start meditating. Maybe they decide to attend more social events. Maybe they decide to seek help or support from friends.

Those actions leave them feeling more positive and upbeat. The positive emotions solidify the new mindset that life is good. It’s easier to see a brighter future. It’s easier to think of new possibilities. The mindset shift makes it easier to keep taking action. This cycle creates momentum. Eventually the new mindset becomes permanent. The new behaviors become habits.

Are you trying to make a change? What are you trying to change? What challenges are you running into? Let me know in the comments.